LiLa Who?

When childhood friends began recording in a fiberglass padded playhouse the product was proof of their power.

A group that uses hip-hop to motivate and accentuate the qualities of the other genres we love, LiLa shies from no sound.

They are proof that hip-hop can take any direction and be successful while still staying true to the integrity of quality music.

When did LiLa get Live?

In order to reproduce the energy of LiLa’s early album recordings, the group knew a bigger team could do more damage, so they brought on an electrifying squad that would take LiLa to the next level.

With Griffin hitting the drums like a weight room and Rosean playing the deepest basslines, shows became mandatory. The icing on this cold ensemble is the psychedelic riffing of Kyle on guitar and the spicy blowing of Mike P on his

LiLa harnesses a great energy,
the question is,
what will YOU do with it?